Nerd Nite 65: Westbury is Bestbury

Lucky you: we’re back at the Westbury Theatre in the Transalta Arts Barns with another three excellent speakers.

When: April 28th, 2022, show at 7:30, doors at 7:00

Where: Westbury Theatre at ATB Financial Arts Barns building, 10330 84 Ave NW, Edmonton

How much: $25

Fringe Theatre Covid Safety Information

Your Nerds for the Evening:

Matthew Dutzczak: A Brief History of West Edmonton Mall

Twitter: @BestEdMall

Facebook: BestEdMall

YouTube: BestEdmontonMall

Matthew Dutczak has been documenting and preserving the history of Edmonton via his YouTube Channel: Best Edmonton Mall. Appointed as Edmonton’s “Unofficial Mall Historian” by outlets such as CBC and 630CHED, he is enthusiastic about sharing his passion for Edmonton’s retail and entertainment history.

Michael Kreuzer: The Optics of Nerding Out

Instagram: @glasses.half.full

Facebook: glasses.half.full.yeg

Dr. Michael Kreuzer is the owner and optometrist at Glasses Half Full, a full-service optometry clinic located in the 124 Street area. A glasses and contact lens wearer since early childhood, Michael is an expert in his field, and he will explore soft and specialty (custom) contact lenses in detail during his Nerd Nite presentation.

Christie Tucker: The Past and Future of Fighting Wildfires in Alberta

Christie Tucker is the Information Unit manager for Alberta Wildfire. She is an Edmontonian who has recently returned home after living in the UK for 12 years.

Alberta’s landscape has been formed by wildfire, and it’s something we are learning to live with. But how we fight wildfire has changed significantly over the last hundred years. Christie Tucker will tell you how.

Nerd Nite 64: Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Welcome back, nerds. We miss your faces and the masking tape on your glasses. We’re going to see you all in person now … just not too close.

When: March 31, 2022, show at 7:30, doors at 7:00

Where: Studio Theatre at ATB Financial Arts Barns building, 10330 84 Ave NW, Edmonton

How much: $25

Fringe Theatre Covid Safety Information

Featuring the Nerdy Stylings of:

Matthew Willox: Make Your Own Metaverse

Matthew Willox looking cool

Instagram: @MatthewWillox

Twitter: @MatthewWillox

With all the hype around Metaverse it’s easy to get lost in the search for a definition. But, for once, instead of waiting for other people to define it for you, why don’t you tell THEM. Stop giving away your box of crayons. Make the Metaverse what you want it to be!

I will show you how to make your first world in 7 minutes.

Matthew Willox (he/him) is a multimedia digital artist and computer programmer. He is the owner of Cybermancers, a studio dedicated to the creation of VR Experiences, Games, and Blockchain.

His favourite colour is neon pink. He loves to talk about synthesizers, make games, and I’m told he’s in love with a stuffed animal. He’s a heavy reader, anti-racist, and mentor.

Dana Andersen: Improv From The ’80s

Portrait of Dana Andersen

Instagram: @insteadmonton

“Hot & spicy tales of my time performing at Second City Toronto & Second City Los Angeles!”

Dana (he/him) has been described as the Forrest Gump of improv. His career spans 3 decades and he has collected many names to drop in his hot and spicy tales of Toronto and Santa Monica Second City.

Aaron Pooke: The Sounds of the 8 & 16 bit Generation

Describing the sound chip abilities from game consoles of the 8 & 16 bit generations. I will explain how they work, how they were used, as well as the reasons why some games sounded better than others.

Aaron (he/him) grew up playing video games during the ’80s and ’90s, which was usual for kids of the time. What was a little more unusual was that he was fascinated with the music in those games, often listening to music in the “Sound Test” options whenever available. When he got older, he got more curious about why the music sounded different from console to console. Why did the Super Nintendo sound more realistic, when the Genesis sounded more synthetic? The internet allowed him to do the necessary research to get those questions answered. He is providing those answers for you today.

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