Hey nerds. It’s time to congregate over stimulating presentations and scintillating drink.

The world wide phenomenon that is Nerd Nite has finally made its way to Edmonton and Adam, Lauren, and Tammy (your Nerd Bosses) couldn’t be more excited.

The formula is simple. Approximately 20 minute presentations covering all things nerdy. At a bar. With drinks. In fact our motto is “it’s like discovery channel with beer.”

Want a better idea of what the night looks like? Check out the segment produced by Telus TV from our first event. And here’s an overview of our third night produced by Alberta Primetime.

Believe it or not, we’re on FB (fb.com/NerdNiteEdmonton) and Twitter (@NerdNiteYeg). If you want to pitch a talk, email us at edmonton@nerdnite.com.



Your Edmonton Nerd Bosses

He can walk and chew gum and hold a beer too.

He can walk and chew gum and hold a beer too.

Adam’s been a nerd his whole life. The evidence of this includes: the fact that he wrote and directed a Star Trek: The Next Generation-based Christmas play in grade 6 (he also starred as Data); the number of hours logged played The Elder Scrolls V (estimated at over 800); and the disproportionate amount of time he spends reading the “science” subreddit. He lives his life on the internet— seriously, he even sleeps there — and works professionally in strategic online communications. He probably would have invented Twitter if he was less lazy.






Lauren working on her witty repartee

Lauren working on her witty repartee

Lauren’s love affair with Nerd Nite began in 2012 when she presented at Nerd Nite Edmonton #2. Since then she has been to (almost) all subsequent nights because who can resist the allure of wine and learning on a week night. Clearly Lauren is a proud nerd – previously she was a coin collector, a student council President, a sex toy expert, and she is currently a PhD student in Medical Sciences obsessed with podcasts.






Tammy taming a dinosaur

Tammy Bearht: Dinosaur Tamer

Tammy’s Nerd affair began early with Star Wars on Beta, reinforced with umpteen million more Star Wars viewings, and then commemorated her love with many Star Wars tattoos. Hooks were in, and a lifelong pursuit of Nerdism unfolded. Her passion and enthusiasm for “all things nerd” is revealed by her Comic convention volunteering, see Nerd Nite 15 Con Amore – A Nerdy Love Story. She is also an aspiring Circus silks performer, a backyard gardener and lover of live music. All of this is done under a professional cloak of Credit Union Manager to fool you that she has it together.






Your Edmonton Social Media Nerd

Nerding out while looking dapper

Nerding out while looking dapper.

In 1982, Carson won his playoff hockey pool by picking all New York Islanders players. Several decades later, he is a full-fledged fantasy hockey nerd and still wins consistently. Only now, his decisions are based more on regression analysis than his favourite team (which is still the Isles, BTW). A digital project manager by day, Carson spends his downtime reading about psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics and listening to an unhealthy amount of industrial music.






A pensive nerd

A pensive nerd.

Andrea Beça is a professional storyteller specializing in words, filmmaking, and photography. Based in Edmonton, she has a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Alberta and a Master’s in Playwriting and Script Development from the University of Glasgow. After using her storytelling skills in a variety of fields – from communications to science to advertising and more – she launched her own business in the fall of 2015, and has never looked back. Beyond her business she runs an indie film company – Kissing Habit Films – and is the creator and host of a podcast – That’s So Maven! – which focuses on femmes in business and leadership. Andrea is nerdy about many things, including film, her dogs, Alice in Wonderland, wax museums, dinosaurs, and fitness.






Your Edmonton Music Nerd

DJ Marc Carnes spinning tunes at Nerd Nite #20

DJ Marc Carnes spinning tunes at Nerd Nite #20.

Marc was one of Nerd Nite’s earliest presenters and has been Nerd Nite Edmonton’s DJ since the beginning. Like a typical DJ Marc is too lazy to write a bio, so he left it up to the Nerd Bosses to write it for him. He fears he will one day regret this decision.







Your Edmonton Photography Nerds

Marc-Julien caught on camera

Marc-Julien caught on camera.

As nerds go, Marc-Julien covers a lot of the bases. Before Nerd Nite Edmonton, he was the organizer of LogiCon, a science conference based in Edmonton. With a background in Computer Engineering and a lifelong fascination with science, he has been able to make the most of his nerdy hobbies. His interests include virtual reality, photography, making electronic music, and writing about himself in the third person. He has shot photos of most Nerd Nites in Edmonton, plus one in New York. When he isn’t shooting Nerd Nite Edmonton, he’s providing live-composed, improvised electronic music to fill in when Marc Carnes is unavailable.





Olav, looking oh so hip

Olav, looking oh so hip.

Award-winning photographer Olav Rokne has taken official pics of a variety of famous nerds including John Scalzi, Adam Rosenhart, George R. R. Martin, and advanced education minister Marlin Schmidt. His work has been published in the Calgary Sun, the London Metro, and the Encyclopedia of the Marvel Comics Universe. He is the top result on Google when you search the terms “Robocop Unicorn.”