Hey nerds. It’s time to congregate over stimulating presentations and scintillating drink … in public.

The world wide phenomenon that is Nerd Nite is back and we’ve partnered with the Fringe Theatre!

Each event features three approximately 20 minute presentations covering anything nerdy; drinking encouraged. “It’s like discovery channel with beer.”

Follow us on we’re on FB (fb.com/NerdNiteEdmonton), Twitter (@NerdNiteYeg), and Instagram (@nerdniteyeg). If you want to pitch a talk, email us at .

Your Edmonton Nerd Bosses

Marc-Julien Objois is a software developer by trade, electronic musician by night, and VR junkie by choice (not his wife’s). He continues to expand his collection of esoteric music machines and niche electronics with his wife Heather and their two younglings. He has kept the heartbeat of the Edmonton skeptic community beating for over a decade, and hopes to re-ignite the Nerd Nite Edmonton community…

You might know him as a former Nerd Nite speaker, live electronic musician, and routine Photographer at NN Edmonton.

Rebecca Calder is an opinionated Edmonton downtowner, and has the evidence to back it up. A mixture of Deanna Troi and Tasha Yar, Rebecca and her husband care for little Ida, while defending the superiority of Star Trek over Star Wars. Now she spends her free time building an empire as a m.f. icon.

Kati Kovacs is a space case; and by that, we mean she achieved a BSc in astrophysics from the University of Alberta many moons ago. She has materialized back in Edmonton with her daughter after living in Western France for the past 9 years. She’s currently working her way up the corporate food chain after years of freelance editing and window-dressing for the people of France. When not frantically clicking her mouse during work hours, she dabbles in science communication, devours various forms of sci-fi, knits hats, and sews dresses.

Ross Lockwood hails from the Okanagan valley, becoming stuck in Edmonton’s gravitational field after a lightspeed career at the University of Alberta. He has been spending his isolation with wife Sarah and baby Sadie, simulating the isolation of life on Mars among the desolate snow drifts of urban Edmonton. Ross is happily employed at KPMG, so keep your noses clean, or he may suggest an audit, or a tax, or something…