About Nerd Nite Edmonton

Going strong since 2012, Nerd Nite Edmonton is a speaker series with the tagline “Like Discovery Channel with Beer.” Hosted by Nerd Bosses, Adam Rozenhart Lauren Albrecht, and Tammy Bearht, each Nite features three speakers sharing their nerdy passions. Speakers are recruited from all areas of Nerd-dom, whether it be science, technology, arts, fandoms or collectables. Nerd Nite shows run monthly on Wednesdays from September to May at The Westbury Theatre in the ATB Financial Arts Barn. Irreverent and quirky, Nerd Nite is a great night out for those who think learning is more fun while drinking.

Media requests

Please contact Lauren, Tammy and Adam at . Please provide us with information about your availability and deadlines in your request.