March is here. The ice is melting (again?) and we’re looking forward to listening to three nerds nerding out about their passions! We’ve got a potpourri of topics from a homogenous white male lineup of speakers ready to entertain you!

When: Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 7:30 pm

(Doors & bar open at 7:00 pm with drinks available all night!)

Where: Backstage Theatre at Fringe Theatre Adventures

Fringe Theatre Arts Barn, 10330 84 Ave NW, Edmonton

How much: $25

Chris Robson: Revealing the Invisible – Hyperspectral Imaging From Space

There is a hidden world of light that we don’t perceive with our eyes. Using hyperspectral images from Space, Chris Robson, the CEO of Wyvern, is making it possible to reveal the invisible. Walk through how hyperspectral imagery can help us see methane leaks, identify different plant species, or figure out where to mine.

Chris Robson is the CEO and co-founder of Wyvern Inc, a space data company located in Edmonton Alberta capturing the highest resolution hyperspectral images of Earth from space. Before he was a space entrepreneur, Chris was an engineering and project leader with AlbertaSat. There he helped build and launch Alberta’s first satellite – Ex-Alta 1 which was deployed from the International Space Station in May 2017. While working on Ex-Alta 1 in his free time, Chris earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta.

LinkedIn: Christopher Robson

Zac Erickson: Healing Journeys – Psychedelics and Modern Mental Health

Embark on an enlightening journey with Zac Erickson as we navigate the colourful past, dynamic present, and promising future of psychedelics in mental health. From their roots in ancient ceremonies to their resurgence as cutting-edge therapeutic tools, discover how these substances are unlocking new pathways to healing. This talk promises a deep dive into the science, safety, and societal implications of psychedelics like magic mushrooms and LSD, all while breaking down complex concepts into accessible, engaging insights for everyone.

Zac Erickson is a Registered Psychologist and the founder of Recharge Psychology. He has particular expertise in working with ADHD, mood disorders, and trauma, and enjoys bringing a blend of the practical and spiritual to his therapy practice, including mindfulness, breathwork, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. With Masters degrees in both Neuroscience and Counselling Psychology, Zac is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to educate and inspire others, through therapy, podcasting, or public speaking.

Instagram: @rechargepsych
LinkedIn: Zac Erickson

Marc MacKenzie: Frickin’ Laser Beams – Fighting Cancer with Physics

Advances in physics knowledge and the applied technologies have been in lock step with improvements in outcomes for cancer patients. This talk will be an overview of advancements over the last 130 years, and our continuing evolution of understanding of diagnosing, imaging, and treating cancer, all from a physicist’s perspective.

Dr. Marc MacKenzie, PhD, is a physicist whose specialty is radiation oncology physics. He’s been a practicing clinical physicist for almost 25 years, partly at the Cross Cancer Institute, and more recently as Director of Medical Physics for Community Oncology.

Twitter: @marcmack
Instagram: @marcmack3k