We’re going to try Nerd Nite 66 again. This time, we’re hosting it at Arcadia. If that doesn’t explain the title then you need to have a chat with a Can Lit nerd.

When: June 30, 2022, show at 7:30, doors at 7:00

Where: Upstairs at Arcadia Brewing Co, 10712 120 Street NW

How much: $25

Sarah Polkinghorne: I have a body, therefore I think, therefore I am

Augustana Campus Life Photography

Swapping bodies, uploading minds, transferring identities … these sci-fi tropes show that we’re fascinated with the idea that your mind can be separated from your body. But these tropes are probably destined to remain in the realm of fiction. It turns out that our bodies make pretty fundamental contributions to how our minds work (e.g., our ways of thinking, learning, and remembering). Sarah will discuss how researchers are figuring this out, and why it matters.

Dr. Sarah Polkinghorne has always been intrigued by how people build connections and become informed. She’s travelled a unique path from theatre to librarianship to research, most recently studying how people from different walks of life come to feel informed about food. She works as a librarian at the University of Alberta, where she also teaches Human Information Interaction in the School of Library and Information Studies. She has given talks around the world.

Twitter: @sarahpolk

Stephanie Chan: Hashtag NerdLife: From Kid Nerd to Professional Nerd

As a child, Stephanie loved comic books which her nerd-friendly home encouraged, evolved into a love of the arts, technology, and social justice. Stephanie will discuss how her childhood nerd core values have come to touch on every aspect of her professional life: from her beginnings as a simple assistant comic book colourist to becoming an inventor and entrepreneur! Free samples of EVA foam chainmail and scalemail will be handed out and demonstrated during this talk.

Stephanie Chan started as a comic colouring assistant at Marvel Comics which lead to gigs with DC Comics, Dark Horse, Broadsword Comics, and Renegade Arts. She began blogging with the comic news site Newsarama and then was on the Harvey Award-winning team of Robot Six Comics Blog at CBR. Somewhere along the lines, she also became a photographer, an online safety and communications consultant, an arts and tech educator, and a 3D Printing/laser cutting operator. She has since started her own blog, Smash Pages Comics Blog, which will be growing this summer to include a video channel. Meanwhile, Stephanie, along with her movie maker-pal Ben Eadie, developed a revolutionary way to make realistic chainmail and scalemail from EVA foam. After the products went viral from being featured on Adam Savage’s Tested and the Evil Ted Channel, they started a company! Stephanie is now the CEO of Foam Armory but still dabbles constantly in all of the above ventures (and starting a couple more).

Twitter: @StephanieChan

Instagram: @stephaniechan

Chris Gowen: Magic, Deception, and Trickery

The talk will be about magic and its performance, deception, subtleties, and the lengths magicians go to pull off the tricks that they do. And maybe a demo or two.

Chris Gowen has been studying the art of magic since 2002. He was a 2019 Edmonton Journal Fringe Favourite. In the announcement, The Edmonton Journal called Chris Gowen “a master of sleight of hand that will trick you, fool you, charm you, and leave you wanting more.” He is Pacific Coast Associations of Magicians Gold Medalist, he has been seen on Global News Edmonton and City TV, and performs regularly at private parties and for some of the biggest corporations in Alberta such as Epcor, ATB, and Pacesetter. He regularly sells out shows at venues such as The Rec Room and Pure Casino’s Pearl Room.

Instagram: @gowenentertainment