Forget spooky season. Forget election season. It’s NERD SEASON!

Join us on October 28 at 7:30 pm from your couch (or home office or bathtub). Tickets are pay what you will courtesy of Edmonton Fringe.

Join your Nerd Bosses and presenters:

Murray Billett with Activism, the Choice to Bring your Voice

People have the right, responsibility and obligation to get involved. Murray will share his decades of leadership and advocacy skills to help people build stronger communities, provinces and a better Canada.

Murray is well known as a human rights activist, conflict resolution specialist, educator and advocate for the GLBTQ communities. A former member of the Alberta Review Board, also a former member of the Edmonton Police Commission serving as Chair, Vice Chair and Commissioner serving on Governance and Professional Standard committees, including media responsibilities & past Chair of the Alberta Association of Police Governance. A former Labour Relations Officer and Educator with United Nurses of Alberta. He is a former board member of Equality for gay and lesbians everywhere and Canadians for Equal Marriage, both national boards. Previously involved in the strategic planning, fund raising and Media Spokesperson for the Delwin Vriend case taking the Government of Alberta to the Supreme Court of Canada. Murray is Co-Founder of the Edmonton Gay & Lesbian Community/Edmonton Police Service Liaison Committee and served as Co-Chair. Also a former director of GALA (Gay and Lesbian Awareness) He is past board member of the Aids Network of Edmonton.

Dana Sanderson with No Bones About It: Skeleton Articulation

Have you ever looked at a skeleton in a museum and thought “How do they do that?” Do you wistfully look at roadkill, and think “Boy, I sure would like your bones!” Are you some sort of weirdo that likes the idea of immortalizing a beloved pet as a beautiful skeleton? Well then you’re in luck! I’ll run through the process for taking a dead animal and getting its bones out, cleaned, and put back together. (TW, this presentation will involve frank discussions involving dead animals, including pictures that some viewers might find disturbing/gross.)

Despite being a squeamish kid, Dana has managed to become the resident “that guy” whom people call when they find something dead. After building his first skeleton in 2013, he has processed dozens of skeletons since then, from a wide variety of animals. His work can be found in the Royal Alberta Museum, MacEwan University, as well as private collections. He is passionate about comparative skeletal anatomy and how it elucidates our place in the natural world.

Colin Knoll with Bitcoin: The Newest Tool in the Battle Against Inflation

Surging inflation is a global problem that has been impacting countries all over the world since the COVID-19 pandemic. Unprecedented amounts of government stimulus packages have been launched to combat the reduction in economic activity, lockdowns, and scaled social programs. The stimulus packages that have been implemented are now causing price and asset inflation in many countries, including Canada, and in some cases, hyperinflation and the complete destruction of purchasing power.

The last decade has seen Bitcoin as the best performing asset ever. Reaching $1T in market value, and over 150M users on the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin is the same monetary size as companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Google. Bitcoin’s unique and stable characteristics make it a perfect tool to help individuals all over the world combat inflation.

This talk will help the audience understand how Bitcoin will sustainably empower individuals to protect their purchasing power, reduce financial inequality and protect against crushing inflation.

Colin Knoll is the current Director of Strategy for a leading foreign exchange and global payments company in Canada, Firma Foreign Exchange. Colin is an educator at MacEwan University where he teaches courses in business, management, and strategy. Colin is a bitcoin researcher and has been a guest at a number of podcasts, speaking on various topics related to bitcoin. Colin’s current research is centered around bitcoin as savings technology, empowering individuals all around the world to combat inflation and reduce financial inequality. Colin’s mission is to educate people all around the world about the benefits of bitcoin.