We hope everyone enjoyed the Best Summer EverSarcastic TM. Us Nerd Bosses have been desperate to host an in-person event but it seems like our favourite pandemic mostly has other plans. We’ve decided to squeeze in a modified Nerd Nite while we can still meet outdoors.

So, welcome to Nerd Nite Short Cuts, an event named after the 1993 Robert Altman Film. Like the film, this event will have short stories. Unlike the film, it will be accessible and child-friendly.

So, please meet us at Root 107 on September 23 at 6:30 pm.

Root 107, located at 107 St, between Jasper Ave and 101 Ave, is an inclusive public space that brings together food, drinks and free entertainment all in one spot. It’s a family- and dog-friendly space. Seating is limited, especially with social distancing, so you might want to bring your own chair. You can eat dinner before if you want, but the Calle Mexico food truck will be there for Taco Thursdays.

There is no cost to attend Nerd Nite Short Cuts! If you wish to make a donation, we suggest you give to our friends at Fringe Theatre. Our partnership with Fringe Theatre is awesome and we will be grateful if you make a gift in our honour. Your gift to Fringe will celebrate theatre, build community, and help the Fringe continue to support artists. Plus, you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation! Find out more here and if you do make a gift, please type “Nerd Nite” into the “Name of Honouree” box.

Nerd Nite Short Cuts will feature …

  • Nerd Bosses
  • Nerd Nite Alumni
  • Nerds
  • and more nerds!

RSVP on Facebook and/or put this event in your calendar. We cannot wait to see your faces!*

*Naturally, this event is subject to government guidelines as well as Nerd Boss judgement and we might cancel at the last minute if we don’t feel safe. All of your Nerd Bosses are double-vaxxed and will be wearing masks, and we encourage you to do the same.