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Workers Of All Worlds Unite!

by Olav Rokne

Science fiction is filled with depictions of standard capitalist employment relationships, but little thought seems to have been given to how workers in the future will assert their rights. Join Olav Rokne as he explores the troubled history of labour unions in science fiction, and makes an argument as to why this history matters.

Weird and Wonderful Museums in Small Town Alberta

by Lianne McTavish

If “World Famous Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington Alberta” doesn’t make you want to get a ticket, I don’t know what else to say.

Did you know Demi Moore had a pottery double in Ghost?

by Lori Fossum

Well, not exactly, but there was a professional potter that made the pieces she pretends to throw on the wheel.  It takes years to learn how to make a tall beautiful vase like the one in that famous scene.  I’ve been making pottery for almost 20 years and in 20 minutes I will break down how to make a mug.  We’ll travel together from raw clay to finished glazed piece.  I’ll explain all the pottery jargon as I go through steps in the making process and in the end you’ll see a finished mug!