> SOLD OUT: Nerd Nite #26: Feast for the senses edition

SOLD OUT: Nerd Nite #26: Feast for the senses edition

Taste, sight and sound — those are the senses you’re going to need to use, or at least understand, at Nerd Nite #26. Chocolate, film and vinyl records will be the story of the evening, and it’s not a story you want to miss. From old media, to ancient baking to the era of digital filmmaking, this Nerd Nite will be a feast for the senses.

Be there AND be square!

When: Thursday, March 24, 2016 (doors @ 7:30pm, show @ 8pm)
Where: The Club at the Citadel Theatre (9828 101A Avenue)
$20 in advance (includes fees and GST) — on sale Friday, March 11 at 9:30am! SOLD OUT!
$25 at the door (depending on advance sales)
$15 peanut gallery seating (released on Monday, March 21, and only available in person or by phone)
[Children 17 & Under Will Not Be Admitted]

Here’s our line-up of speakers:

My O.C.D is A.O.K. – vinyl collecting as art form
Yuri Wuensch

Records are dead. Long live records! The unflappable format has experienced a massive resurgence of popularity in recent years. But why? In this presentation, digger Yuri Wuensch will discuss the reasons for vinyl’s comeback, its dominance as *the* music format of the 20th century and how we’ve barely ‘scratched’ the surface of its cultural and historical significance. He’ll also explore the psychology of digging, the various types of collectors, and the fragile balance between collecting, curating and hoarding.

Yuri Wuensch is a communications professional, part-time DJ and graduate of MacEwan University’s Journalism program. When he isn’t working at Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, where he helps support the province’s tech sector entrepreneurs, movers and shakers, he is usually on the hunt for new (old) records. Yuri is the co-founder Dead Vinyl Society, which celebrates vinyl culture by hosting fun events for collectors, selectors, diggers and deejays. This includes the monthly Bring Out Your Dead swap meets and the annual Super Mega Records Garage Sale. His other undead infatuation is Vote Zombie Wall!, an award-winning public information campaign that ran in conjunction with Edmonton’s 2013 municipal election. The cheeky campaign sought to make building a zombie-proof perimeter wall around the city a ballot issue and succeeded in helping make sustainable urban development, or “smart growth,” part of Edmonton’s election conversation.”

Chocolate: Sweet truths, bitter myths and tantalizing wonders.
Jacqueline Jacek

Chocolate is goodness that is often associated to decadence, love and cravings. However, thought is rarely given to what truths and myths might surround this ‘Food of the Gods.’Have you ever thought about when the best time of the day might be to eat chocolate? Is all dark chocolate bitter? Is chocolate a ‘new food?’ The presentation will be a brief exposition of what chocolate is (and isn’t!) and will hopefully elevate your experience of this fine substance the next time you indulge.

A passion for all that is tasty and beautiful is what drove Jacqueline Jacek to learn the art of becoming an artisan chocolatier. Since 2003, she has been studying the physiology of chocolate, working on new techniques and developing recipes for her edible creations. The fusion of her love for couture and food has resulted in a unique collections that are launched seasonally, emulating the fashion industry. She officially launched the JACEK Chocolate Couture brand on 1 December, 2009 from a home-based chocolate studio in Sherwood Park, and has since been committed to spreading joy through fine chocolate. Since then, she has opened a production studio, two retail boutiques and partnered with like-minded business to help build the best Edmonton possible. Jacqueline has been chosen at one of the Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine in NYC (2011), Don Neil Young Entrepreneur Award (2012), Sherwood Park Business of the Year (2014), Global Woman of Vision (2015), Leaders Award by Business in Edmonton Magazine (2015), and last month JACEK Chocolate was chosen ‘Best Chocolatier’ by Avenue Magazine (2016).”

Losing the Light: The Unintentional Consequences of Digital Film-making
Robin Taylor

Film-making as an art form has existed for over 100 years, and while technology changes, film-making stays the same… or does it? In the past 20 years, tools and techniques of film-making have transitioned to digital (from acting to editing and everything in between). In the face of rapidly advancing technology, are we losing authenticity as scope and scale grow? Join me as I tell kids to get off my lawn while we discuss sets, locations and green screen over a century of epic films.

Robin Taylor is a classically trained animator who spent 10 years working in and around the Canadian Film industry as a storyboard artist, director, producer & editor. He is currently on “hiatus” but spends most of his time thinking and talking about film to anyone, including himself.”

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